I love to mail baked goods to family and friends. Baking is  one  of my hobbies and instead of eating the whole batch of whatever I make, I mail them to others to help me enjoy! I’m sure they don’t mind  🙂

When it comes to mailing baked goods, there are a few things that you MUST remember because not all cookies and baked foods are good for mailing. First, anything that needs to be refrigerated like cheesecake or pudding will not mail well unless it is properly mailed with ice packs and/or in a refrigerated container. This process is way to involved if you ask me! So, if you are going to mail baked goods and don’t want to worry about them spoiling on the way to their destination, just make sure that they are “counter safe.” By this, I mean that they can sit in a container on the counter for a few days and not spoil.

Another thing to remember is that not all types of  baked goods can withstand the abuse they will get while in the mail. I’m  not trying to say that mail carriers are not careful with our packages, but they will undoubtedly encounter a bit of rolling around on their trip. Some baked goods are softer or more fragile than others and won’t make the trip through the mail without breaking, cracking or spilling. So, choosing a baked good that is a bit harder like drop cookies, biscotti and bar desserts mail the best.

Finally, once you are ready to mail your delicious baked good, it is important that you package it properly so they will transport well. Recently I mailed packages of cookies to family members and to ensure they were packed carefully I followed these steps:

1) Wrap baked goods with plastic  wrap so they will fit snugly in your container. The cookies below are my vanilla pudding cookies. Click here if you’d like to see the recipe. They mail really well!


2) Choose a container with stiff walls to pack in, like an old to-go container.

3) Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the container you are packing in and add filler between the sides  of the container and the baked good for extra shock absorbance.

4) Pop them in the mail!